Total Maximum Daily Load

Water Quality Studies & Standards

Throughout the state, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has established water quality studies known as TMDLs, or Total Maximum Daily Load. These studies identify pollution loads and create reduction goals to attain water quality standards. Rockingham County has taken an active role in these community-based environmental improvements, serving on steering committees and advisory groups.

For more information about TMDLs please visit the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality website.

County Participation

Smith Creek

Beginning 2008, Rockingham County Environmental Services began working with local DEQ and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) officials on the Smith Creek TMDL. Participating in steering group committees, planning meetings, and implementation meetings, the County actively aided in the development of the Smith Creek TMDL Implementation Plan (IP). The Smith Creek IP is currently in action and the County is still working with local partners as requested.

Chesapeake Bay

Fall 2009, the County was made aware of the federally mandated Chesapeake Bay TMDL. The County continues to attend multiple training and information seminars, webinars, and public informational meetings to remain up-to-date on the TMDL’s requirements. Data was collected and verified as possible, a narrative developed, and public meetings were organized to meet the February 2012 deadline. The County’s application was submitted.

Long Meadow / Turley Creek

During winter 2011, staff was requested to participate in the Long Meadow / Turley Creek TMDL process. Development of the Implementation Plan (IP) is underway and the County will continue to work through the process until the IP is in place, as with the Smith Creek TMDL.