Site Plan Submittal Procedures and Review Process

Schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the proposed development. At this meeting the applicant (or agent) will explain their project to staff members and regulatory agencies listed below. 

County Departments
Economic Development
Fire and Rescue
Public Works

Regulatory Agencies
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Department of Health
Virginia Department of Transportation

Local Government (if project is in or adjacent to)
Incorporated Towns
City of Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Rockingham Regional Sewer Authority

Staff will perform an early technical review of the proposed development to identify potential issues and confirm the property’s zoning to determine if the proposed use is permitted as a matter of right under the current zoning classification. Staff will also work with the applicant to establish a submittal timeline and review submission criteria (i.e. application forms, checklist, plan review fees, etc.). Please bring any information, photographs, sketches, plats, or preliminary plans that will aid in the review and better illustrate the proposal.

Meetings may be conducted in person at the Community Development Department located at the County Administration Building, 20 East Gay Street, Harrisonburg or via video teleconference (Zoom). To schedule an appointment time, contact the Community Development Department at (540) 564-3040.

Prepare site plans and design calculations through a Virginia licensed engineer, architect, landscape architect, or land surveyor.

Submit all completed application forms, checklists, site plans, design calculations, and plan review fees via the County’s online portal for permitting, plan review, and payment (Evolve).

Note: Site plans and design calculations are to be submitted in a digital format (PDF) only! Hardcopies will be requested upon final site plan approval as stated in Step 5.

Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Staff will determine if the submission is complete and, if so, will begin the plan review process. It is the goal for County and regulatory agencies to have site plans reviewed and revision comments returned within ten (10) business days of submission. Larger or more complex designs may take longer to review. In which case the applicant will be notified of any additional time required and may be provided partial comments in advance. Once all comments have been made by the review staff, a single response letter will be drafted and sent to the applicant (or their designee) outlining revisions for consideration.

Note: By law, the County has sixty (60) days from the receipt of a complete set of plans and accompanying fees to review and make comment. Generally, plan review turnaround is completed prior to the 60-day deadline.

Revise site plans per the comment letter and provide any further design information as requested. Resubmit site plans along with a letter describing how each comment was or was not addressed and why. This step will be repeated until final site plan approval is issued.

Once site plans meet all County and regulatory agency requirements, the County will issue a letter approving the final site plan. Note that approved plans are valid for five (5) years from the approval date, meaning that applicants may apply for their land disturbance and/or building permit within this time frame.

As notified by staff, submit requested number of hard and digital plan sets. Sets will be stamped “APPROVED” for record keeping and field use. One set will be returned to the applicant for their records. Pay any remaining applicable fees and obtain all required permits. To ensure that all improvements shown on the site plan are properly completed, the County may require a security agreement in the form of a letter of credit or a performance bond.

Note: An approved site plan is required before issuance of a land disturbance and/or building permit.


For more information on the submittal procedure or review process, please contact the Site Plan Review Coordinator at (540) 564-6095.

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