Business Personal Property

About Business Personal Property

Any individual, partnership, or corporation conducting business within Rockingham County as of January 1st of each year must file a tangible personal property assessment form by May 1st of each year. Any person or company leasing equipment to a business or an individual in Rockingham County on January 1st must complete and file a Tangible Personal Property Assessment form by May 1st of each year.

Information For Filing Your Personal Property

Personal property includes all types of vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, manufactured homes, furniture, fixtures, tools, equipment, heavy construction machinery, computer equipment, agricultural equipment, machinery and tools, and merchants’ capital.

An itemized asset listing of all assets owned, including a description of each asset, date of purchase, and original cost is required. All property must be reported at its total capitalized cost, before any allowance for trade-in or depreciation.

Agricultural Equipment

List all machinery and equipment used in the operation of a general farm, poultry, and farm winery business.

Business Equipment

List all furniture, fixtures, tools, equipment, and heavy construction machinery used in the operation of the business.

Computer Equipment

List all computer equipment used in the operation of the business. Computer software is exempt.

Machinery & Tools

List all machinery, tools, and computer equipment used in mining, processing or reprocessing, manufacturing, dry cleaning or laundry business, dairy, radio, or television broadcasting.

Economic Development Policy and Machinery & Tools Tax Rebate Application

Merchants’ Capital

List the inventory of stock on hand as of January 1 of each tax year. Attach listing of daily rental passenger cars and/or daily rental property.