How do I sign up?
Simply complete the authorization form and return it to us along with a voided check showing the bank and checking or savings account you want charged for your payment. We’ll do the rest.
Return authorization form below to:
County Of Rockingham
Attn: Preauthorized Payment Plan
P.O. Box 471
Harrisonburg, VA 22803
Authorization Form

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1. How does preauthorized payment work?
2. What will you charge me to participate in the preauthorized payment plan?
3. How will I know the amount that will be transferred each month?
4. How will I know that the correct amount has been transferred each time?
5. What if I change my bank or account number in the future?
6. Can I cancel preauthorized payment at any time?
7. Who can I contact if I have more questions?
8. How do I sign up?