Water Hauler Access Points

Water Hauler Access Points (WHAP)

In an effort to reduce maintenance costs and better monitor connections, Rockingham County Public Works has designated ten (10) fire hydrant locations as withdrawal points for those customers that have possession of a County hydrant meter. The hydrants can be identified w/ a flag and metal tag with the corresponding address number on the tag. The access points and associated addresses are listed below along with a sample picture.

Please do not connect to a hydrant that is not on the list or marked with the correct identifications. Additionally, we would appreciate you contacting our office if you see someone withdrawing water without a meter or at a location other than what is listed below. If you have any questions, please call the Public Works office at (540) 564-3020.

  1. 992 Claremont Ave (Crossroads Farm)Water Hauler Access Point
  2. 7980 McGaheysville Rd
  3. 10510 Whispering Pines Ln
  4. 11510 Spotswood Trail (Mt. Olivet Church Rd)
  5. 537 Watertower Rd
  6. 577 Research Dr
  7. 4798 Fair Access Rd
  8. 5558 Crowe Dr
  9. 845 Cottontail Trail
  10. 4185 Suffolk