Information about Simplifile

Simplifile, basically, acts as an electronic courier. We allow you to send documents electronically to the county Clerk of Courts Office for recording. The county Clerk of Courts Office receives your documents, reviews them and sends the recorded documents back to you electronically. The process is very quick and efficient. Payment of recording fees and taxes is handled through our Automated Clearing House (ACH) process, which securely withdraws funds from your account and deposits them into the County’s account, therefore increasing efficiency by eliminating the costs and hassles of writing checks for recordings.
There are many benefits gained through e-recording with Simplifile:
  • Over 990 Counties to e-record
  • Streamlined recording from one simple website.
  • Reduced operational costs through automation
  • Improved document tracking
  • Eliminate payment discrepancies that prevent recording
  • Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time

Simplifile pricing is affordable, as well, with an annual license fee, which covers, use by anyone in your office, plus a per document fee. The per document fee is only charged when the document is successfully recorded. It is a flat per document fee and the number of pages is irrelevant.

Simplifile Video

For an online or in person demonstration of e-recording with Simplifile, please contact:

Marc Arrowood

Direct - 1.800.460.5657 x1046
Cell - 704.460.0062

Support - 800.460.5657 x1070
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