Minimum Design Criteria

Fire Lane Design Criteria

The following shall be the minimum design criteria for any fire lane:
  1. Fire lanes shall be provided to within 150 feet of all portions of the facility or any portion of the exterior wall of the first story of the building as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the building or facility.
  2. The minimum width shall be 20 feet and shall be an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet 6 inches.
  3. Fire lanes shall be designed and maintained to support the imposed loads of fire apparatus and shall be surfaced so as to provide all weather driving capabilities.
  4. Turns in fire lanes shall be constructed with a minimum radius of 25 feet at the inside curb line and a minimum radius of 50 feet at the outside curb line.
  5. Buildings or portions of buildings or facilities exceeding 30 feet in height above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access shall be provided with approved fire lanes capable of accommodating fire
  6. department aerial apparatus. Overhead utility and power lines shall not be located within this fire lane. This fire lane shall have a minimum unobstructed width of 26 feet in the immediate vicinity of any building or portion of building more than 30 feet in height.
  7. At least one of the required fire lanes meeting the conditions set forth in item 5 shall be located so that the inside edge of the fire lane is a minimum of 15 feet and a maximum of 30 feet from the building, and
  8. shall be positioned parallel to one entire side of the building.
  9. Landscaping located between the aerial, access apparatus fire lane and the building shall not interfere with the operation of the aerial apparatus.
  10. Dead-end fire lanes in excess of 150 feet in length shall be provided with an approved area for turning around emergency vehicles.
  11. Gates located within the path of any fire lane shall be located a minimum of 30 feet away from the public right-of-way and shall open inward. The clear opening provided through gates shall be at least 2 feet wider than the travel way.