Secure Remote Access

Our real estate records, judgments, financing statements, wills, marriages, assumed names, charter books, birth, death and WWI records are available online via our Secure Remote Access website.  Indexed data is free to search. Viewing images requires a subscription, which can be purchased online 24/7. 

Available Records

The following records are available online:
Record Type  Indexed Data  Images Available
 Land Records (Deeds, Deeds of Trust, etc)        3/1/1941 - Present
Historical indexes can be used for documents prior to date above. 
1864 - Present 

 1778-1864 Land Records
 (a.k.a Burnt Deed Books)
Not indexed All, searchable by book/page only under Genealogy
 Judgments 20 Years All
 UCCs (Financing Statements)  All Active Files All
 Assumed Names & Charter Books  All All
 Marriage  8/25/1778 - Present All 
 Wills  1/1/1774 - Present All
 Birth Records 1862-1894, 1912-1917 All
 Death Records 1870-1894, 1912-1917 All
 WWI Memorial Records 
 WWI Returned Servicemen
 All  All