Commonwealth's Attorney

About the Office


The Commonwealth’s Attorney is an elected official who is the chief law enforcement officer of a city, town, or county within Virginia.  The office, as established by the Virginia Constitution and Code of Virginia, has a primary duty to prosecute all felonies and most misdemeanors charged within the jurisdiction.

Rockingham County, it's constituent municipalities, and the City of Harrisonburg are served by one Commonwealth’s Attorney who is aided by twelve Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys appointed by her.  These prosecutors represent the people in criminal matters brought before the General District, Juvenile and Domestic Relations, and Circuit Courts of Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg.  

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is committed to supporting the rights of those affected by criminal behavior and offers a comprehensive Victim Witness Program staffed by highly trained advocates.  They offer support, resources, and referrals throughout the criminal justice process.           

If you are a witness in a case and want to confirm your appearance, please contact our office at (540) 564-3350 before 5pm the day before the hearing.  Please have your subpoena available to facilitate any inquiry.

Please direct FOIA and U-Visa requests to Christopher Bean, Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney at or the address to the right of the page.