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Rockingham County
Administration Center
20 E. Gay St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Planning & Zoning
Planning and zoning staff often work hand-in-hand to help with various types of applications. Planners evaluate regional land use and transportation plans and provide the Rockingham County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors with recommendations. They work with many aspects of implementing the Comprehensive Plan, including rezonings of property. Zoning officials administer the zoning ordinance, including responding to land-use complaints and assisting with applications.

Capital Improvement Program
A capital improvements program (CIP), a five-year plan to guide the construction or acquisition of capital projects, is an important fiscal planning tool that helps a locality replace or repair existing major facilities or meet new capital improvement needs. A CIP is a form of short-term planning.

Comprehensive Plan

How your property can be used depends on many factors. First, the County’s overall vision for its future is reflected by a Countywide plan known as the Comprehensive Plan. This plan directs development of different types (and nondevelopment) to general areas across the County.

To achieve the plan’s goals, zoning districts are established; some districts allow farming and other rural activities, and others allow housing developments, businesses, or manufacturing.

Zoning Ordinance

The County zoning ordinance defines how property in each zoning district can be used and what can be built. It outlines procedures for establishing and expanding businesses and for obtaining permits, such as special use permits, home business permits, and on-farm business permits. It also establishes a method for requesting to change a property’s zoning district, known as rezoning.

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Rhonda Cooper
Director of Planning
Ph: (540) 564-3033

James May
Senior Planner
Ph: (540) 564-1513

Diana Stultz
Zoning Administrator / Subdivision Agent
Ph: (540) 564-3032

Diane Lepkowski
Deputy Zoning Administrator / Deputy Subdivision Agent
Ph: (540) 564-3037

Kelly Getz
Code Compliance Officer
Ph: (540) 564-6063