Agricultural Advisory Committee

About the Agricultural Advisory Committee

  • Eight members appointed by Board of Supervisors
  • Four-year terms, two from each agricultural sector - beef, sheep, dairy and swine
  • Group of peer and technical advisors who seek practical, cost-effective solutions to agriculture-related pollution through collaborative effort of farms voluntarily working with RAAC
  • Meet on as-needed basis

Members Term Expires
Michael Bazzle 1/31/2019
David Hughes 1/31/2021
Pete Martens 1/31/2019
Charles Eberly 1/31/2021
Philip Witmer 1/31/2021
Kevin Craun 1/31/2019
Roscoe Wine 1/31/2021
Keith Sheets 1/31/2019
Jeremy Daubert Ex-officio
Megan O'Gorek Ex-officio
Pablo Cuevas Ex-officio
Frederick Eberly Ex-officio
Rick Chandler Ex-officio
William Kyger Ex-officio
Michael Breeden Ex-officio

If you would like the board to consider you for appointment to this or any of the committees, boards, or commissions, please email Jessica Kilby. View committee members and term expiration dates.